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Dress Code

Dress Code

Club House Dress Code

No caps, visors, or headbands on men in the grille room, dining room, or living room. Dress jeans will be permitted in the grill room and on the patio Tuesday - Friday when accompanied with a collared shirt, turtleneck, or smart sweater. Jeans will not be permitted in the living room or dining room at any time. Dress jeans that have any holes, rips, or bleach blotches are not permitted at any time. Bathing suits, gym shorts, and jogging outfits are prohibited in the clubhouse at any time.

Golf Course Dress Code

Gentlemen are required to wear golf shirts with collars and sleeves. Bathing suits, gym shorts, jeans, "cut-offs" and jogging outfits are prohibited on the course or practice area. Shorts must be no higher than one scorecard above the top of the knee. Metal spikes and high heeled shoes are prohibited.